Monday, August 2, 2010

Tahiti in Las Vegas?

So Patrick had almost a week off of work. We were going to originally go camping up North with the kiddos, but at the last minute decided we wanted a more how shall I say "relaxing" vacation. I had been in Las Vegas the week prior for a conference and had found this really cool hotel in downtown Vegas with a pool that surrounds this huge aquarium where a large water slide goes thru. Anyways I thought the kids would get such a kick out of it, so that is where the whole Vegas idea came from. Like most of you Vegas isn't exactly the place I first think of when I think "family" vacation. Anyways, as I did some research on hotels in the area I found a place called the Tahitian Village. The room are all suites with seperate living spaces and bedrooms, there are kitchens in the units and they had an enormous swimming pool with a sandy beach and lazy river. Now if you have ever traveled with three young boys you know how quickly one small hotel room can seem like very cramped quarters, so this place was definitely looking good. Also, the way my kids have been eating me out of house and home lately made me realize that having a kitchen with fridge in the room could definitely come in handy. The rates were we booked it.

We had a great time lounging by the pool, the kids loved the sandy beach area and they could not believe you could go swimming at night (it was like a party at ten at night, crazy!). Anyways we had a super four days at our own little Tahitian getaway.

As we were leaving the last day, Patrick had to stop at the enormous Bass Pro Shop that was just across the way from our hotel. The store was attached to this cute little hotel and casino called the Silverton and it had a huge salt water aquarium with thousands of fish, sharks and rays. The kids and I just sat there in awe for at least an hour. Well one thing led to another and we ended up booking a night at the Silverton and extended our vacation one more day. Our room was right around the corner (literally) from the pool, and I have to admit that after four days of a crowded kid filled pool, this smaller much quieter pool was a very nice change. Anyways it was a great getaway with lot's of fun memories.