Sunday, January 17, 2010

My New Obsession

The Lamp....I absolutely love it!

So lately I have found something new to obsess over....birds! Yes you heard me right, birds. Not real ones mind you, but birds as decoration. It all started over Christmas when I found these really neat looking bird candles. I had wanted to keep my Christmas table a little bit more rustic and natural this year and I thought these would be the perfect touch. I thought that was the end of it, until a trip to the oh so dangerous Home Goods. As I was browsing through the lamp section, I came across this bird lamp that I absolutely had to have. I wasn't even sure where I was going to put it, but it didn't matter I had to have it. As I continued to browse I found a few other accessory pieces for display. A couple of days later I was scanning the Pottery Barn website and that's where I discovered the trend! Everything on that website from table linens, to pillows, bedding, to dinnerware had birds!!! Who would of thought...a bird trend?! Anyways I had a gift card from a parent, so I decided to buy a very pretty bird table runner, some decorative bird eggs, grass and moss. I also stopped by Michael's to purchase some cute little bird nests. A little obsessive....I know and it doesn't end there. Over New Years we were at my Aunt Lulu's and she had an old Audubon print that used to hang in the Pavilion where I used to work. We had ton's of old Audobon prints framed and hung in the facility and I always loved them. So next stop for me...ebay! I found two great prints for under 10 dollars, so I purchased those as well. They are just waiting to be framed and matted. At this point before I become completely out of control I have decided to stop after I purchase one last item....I want to find an old vintage bird cage. I found some cute ones at Home Goods yesterday, but I am going to keep my eyes out for something older with some character. Anyways, thought I would share this with you all. I guess when you are surrounded by boys all day long you have to find something girly to do to pass the time! Enjoy the pictures!

Ry Guy on Two Wheels

So our little Ryan never ceases to amaze us. Yesterday he kept begging me to take off his training wheels. He was convinced he was ready to ride his bike without them, just like Blake. I finally agreed with hesitation and warned him that we might have to try it again the next day when Patrick would be there to help. Anyways, on the very first try, I ran with him for about 15 feet, let him go and he just kept on took him a few seconds before he even realized he was riding all by himself! He slowed down, put on his brakes and came to a very safe, complete stop. He looked back at me with a huge smile and a big thumbs up! That was all it took...for the rest of the day I would just hold him steady and he would be off like he had been riding his bike his entire life...unreal! Today I got out the camera and took some shots of him. He is still so very proud of himself, as are we!

Sacred Heart Christmas Program

I forgot I had these in my camera. This is from our Christmas Program this year. Blake's class sang Domenique the Italian Christmas Donkey. I thought the costumes were right on! It was very cute!

Monday, January 4, 2010

Christmas 2009!

Well, what a difference a year makes! We had such a wonderful Christmas this year. All of the boys truly understood what was going on and it was so fun to once again live Christmas through the eyes of children. Santa was extremely good to all of the kiddos this year and mom and dad didn't disappoint either. Under the tree were new bikes, a new Wii, fishing poles, tackle boxes, baseball gloves, soccer balls, new helmets, leapster games, new dvd's, blocks, puzzles and much more. The one thing purposely left out was the clothes. Blake and Ryan made it perfectly clear that they did not want any clothes for Christmas this year! Boy do I need a little girl to dress up : )! Amy and Matt, my mom and dad, and Patrick's parents joined us for dinner. I decided to take it a little easy this year and for go the normal ham or prime rib and opted for an Italian themed brought some absolutely delicious antipasta from an Italian deli, I made a fantastic cioppino full of fresh lobster, shrimp and Chilean Sea Bass, and we ended the meal with two homemade lasagna's. One traditional with Italian sausage and red sauce and the other was spinach and cremini mushrooms with a gorgonzola cream sauce topped with panko bread crumbs and parmigianno regianno. I found a great Chianti to pair and we even had bellini's before dinner. It was a fun change. Since Patrick had to work Christmas morning, we did the big Santa gifts and our presents on Christmas Eve. Christmas morning they got to open presents from grandma and grandpa and Matt and Amy. The only gift I did not get that I have been hoping for is a new niece or nephew....maybe next year! What a wonderful couple of days filled with family, laughter and love. We are truly blessed!

New Year's on the Central Coast

Me and the boys, met up with my mom and dad, and Amy and Matt for New Year's on the Central Coast. We all stayed on the golf course with Uncle Denis and Auntie Lulu. It was so nice to spend time with them. Even Anabay and Peter were added treat! We had a delicious dinner New Year's Eve and Blake almost made it to midnight...poor guy crashed out less than ten minutes from New Years and I couldn't wake him up! Friday my mom and dad and I took the boys to one of my favorite spots in Avila to see the seals and have lunch at Fat Cat's Cafe...delicious! Uncle Denis spoiled the kiddos with a two hour hike around the golf course and trip to the park. The boys truly enjoyed their many walks around Cypress Ridge, feeding the ducks, playing at the two parks, visiting the seals and even taking a frigid dip in the ocean. We celebrated Ry's birthday with a slice of cake from the famous Madonna Inn, or as Ryan likes to call it, "the pink palace!" Saturday we celebrated Anabay's 30th birthday with a wonderful party with about 25 family members. Blake found a new best friend in Ruben and the authentic Santa Maria BBQ prepared by Jim and Ben was absolutely to die for. Those of you who have never had a true Santa Maria BBQ don't know what you are missing out on. All in all it was a wonderful trip with many new memories! It is always so hard to leave my beloved Central Coast and I can't wait to one day soon call it home once again. Thank you Auntie Lulu and Uncle Denis for the hospitality and happy birthday my sweet Anabay! Love you all.