Thursday, May 27, 2010

What a difference a couple of weeks make!

So we stripped Blake of his legos, puzzles, Wii, the computer and even limited his time in front of the television. We encouraged him to play nicely with his brothers, to get outside more often and to watch the way he spoke to adults. Everytime he would start to argue, we would stop him. He spent a few evenings in his room for his behavior, but overall we saw a difference within the first couple of days. Even his teacher commented on how well behaved he was in class! Athough, we are not completely out of the woods yet, I am happy to say that I have my sweet, kind, loving Blake back.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Help, I lost my son and want him back!

So my perfect little Blake, who never cried as a baby, slept through the night at a month, never experienced the terrible two's, or three's for that matter, and is smarter and sweeter than you can possibly imagine, is gone! I don't know when it happened exactly, but in just the last two weeks, someone else is living in this sweet boy's body. This "new" Blake is whinny, say's "no" to his parents, fights bedtime, picks on his brother, and is how can I say this lightly...disrespectful! My heart is breaking and I am at my wit's end!

As a parent you try to do everything right. You love your child, you give him a warm bed to sleep in and put food on the table. You give them a bedtime, set boundaries, read to them nightly, buy them nice things (but not always), send them to a very expensive Catholic school, yet still they think all you ever do is tell them no! Somehow Blake has got it in his mind that we expect him to be perfect. Perfect? What is that anyways? Not something anyone in this family is...although I must admit, Patrick thinks he is pretty close to.

So what do you do? Do you ground this 6 year old? Take away all of his toys? Strip his room? Well, that is where this is heading. Lego's are packed away, computer and the wii are off limits, bedtime is now half an hour earlier, and kid's t.v. programs are going to be very limited (and that is only because I have two younger kids). Patrick and I have both talked to him individually about his behavior and together, even Grandma Sue has spoken with him but we still have a whinny, entitled child. Now don't get me wrong, there are still glimpses of that sweet, loving child, but I want him back full time! Oh the joys of parenting! For those of you who have been there...this is only temporary, right?

My Dad

What a lucky girl I am to have my dad! He is loving, kind and extremely hard working. He loves being a dad and that is apparent to anyone who has ever met him...he can be a bit of a bragger : ). I am so lucky that I had a dad who was so involved in my life and ALWAYS put his family first. He was my coach, he helped me with my homework, and when tempers flared in my household (which didn't happen a lot) he was always the calming force. I love him so very much and I am happy to say that I am definitely a "Daddy's Girl!" He is the reason I wanted so badly to have a little girl. I wanted Patrick to have that special bond between a dad and his daughter....who knows maybe one day we will adopt : )!

My Amazing Parents

I feel so fortunate to have the parents I have. My parents would do anything for my sister and I, and we always knew that growing up. We have always felt loved and cared for. I never went through that stage of thinking my parents were the pits. Actually it was the opposite, I always loved being around my parents, and so did my friends. They provided an environment where we all actually wanted to be with them. Whether we were at the river or hanging out at the our house, we always had fun with them. My parents always trusted my sister and I, and more importantly they respected us. Although I can now say my mother is one of my very best friends, she knew how to draw the line between being a good, caring, responsible parent rather than trying to be a friend. My biggest fear growing up was not getting in trouble or grounded, but in disappointing my parents. I always felt safe and protected and knew that no matter what they loved me unconditionally! I would not be the parent, wife, or teacher I am today without the example they lived everyday while I was growing up. I feel like the luckiest girl to have grown up with the family God blessed me with. I only hope that Patrick and I can come close to being the parents to our boys that they were to me and my sister.

Grandpa's 90th Birthday

Grandma and Grandpa on their wedding day

Grandpa was a pilot

My beautiful grandmother

My grandma and dad...he was so cute!

My grandpa and I

Recently we celebrated my Grandpa's 90th birthday! My mom had a party at her house and we were able to see relatives we had not seen in years. It was a very special and emotional evening. I made a slideshow for my grandpa as a present. Going through all of the old photos was so much fun. In my lifetime I have maybe seen a handful of pictures of my dad's mom. She died before I was born. Going through these photos allowed me to see what a neat women she was. You could see the love she had for her family. My grandpa is the only grandparent I really new growing up. Both of my grandmother's passed away before I was born, and my mom's dad died when I was little. I am very grateful to have had my grandfather in my life all of these years, and especially thankful he got to meet his great grandson's! Above are some of my favorite pictures of my grandma and grandpa. They were a beautiful couple!