Wednesday, November 26, 2008

The start of my favorite time of the year....

So while the boys were away, mommy got to play! I was so excited to start decorating for Christmas. It has been so darn hot in the desert that I feel Thanksgiving has just crept up on us. I wasn't about to let that happen to Christmas....a few white lights will always put me in the holiday spirit. I have only scratched the surface...but this is some of what I have done so far.

Fishing with Daddy

Last Sunday Patrick took Ryan and Blake fishing for the day at Lake Hemet. It was great for them to spend some quality time with their daddy! The perk for me was a day spent with Evan and Christmas decorating! Yes I know it is a bit early, but I couldn't help myself. We are going to gone over Thanksgiving so I got a bit of a jump start.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

It's an addiction!!

The Shower

The Gift

The Cake

The Diaper Cake
So, helping Tana plan her wedding definitely got the creative bug in me going! One of my dear co-workers Jennifer is having a baby and I was so happy that I got to plan her shower at work. I had always wanted to try making a diaper cake, so this was the perfect opportunity. I have to tell you...I had so much fun making it! It will definitely be one of my staples from now on. Jenn is not going to find out what she is having, so I went with lime green and polka dots as the theme. I have to admit it turned out pretty cute, especially since I only had two days to plan it. Seeing tears in Jenn's eyes when she walked in the room was the best part!! I can't wait to meet Baby Walton. On a side note....Miss Amy...get moving. I can't wait to plan your baby shower and to be an auntie again!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Sacred Heart Carnival

This past weekend was the Sacred Heart carnival. The kids had such a great time and I have to admit it was very well done! The weather was actually dare I say...cold! Which I have to say made it that much more enjoyable. It is always fun to see my student's outside of the classroom...they love to see my kids and can't believe I actually exist outside of our classroom walls. A fun time was had by all and I hope and expect that it was a huge success for our school.

Happy 5th Birthday Blake!

Blake's 5th birthday was on November 1st. I can't believe my baby is getting so old. I decided to not get a huge, expensive cake this year like I have done in the past. No one in our family likes cake and it just ends up rotting away in the refrigerator. So I found this cute little one in the market. Blake's comment when he sees it..."That is hugest cake I have ever seen in my entire life!" The tall candles must have thrown him off! My mom and I had to more 40 dollar cakes for this kiddo : )! Happy birthday my sweet boy! I love you bigger than the whole world!

Friday, November 7, 2008

One Month Down

Patrick will be completing his first month of training tomorrow, and I have to say it has gone by pretty quickly! Although I miss him terribly on the weekdays, the boys and I are holding things together pretty well. Having the support of my mom driving out weekly just to do a load of laundry for me, Grandma Sue offering to keep one or two kids for me during the week, the housekeeper (such a wonderful gift), and the support and prayers of my friends and coworkers leads me to believe we may just all make it through these next six months. I am overwhelmed daily by the gifts in my life and the wonderfully supportive people I am surrounded by!

This week I have been feeling a bit more tired than usual, but I seem to be fighting off a bit of a cold. I am so grateful that Patrick will have four days off this weekend! The kids are really missing him, especially Ryan. Poor guy has been having some separation anxiety. He doesn't want to go to school in the morning and even at Grandma Sue's he is crying and wanting to be home. Sue took Blake tonight, so Ryan and Evan and I were able to have a "date night" and spent some quality time together. I am trying to remember that the kiddos need my undivided attention even more with Patrick gone, and that that one load of laundry can wait until tomorrow or after they go to bed. The problem is I have been falling asleep by 8:00 almost every night.

Tonight I am trying to turn my brain off and am not having much success...a good friend from work is getting married this weekend and I gladly stepped back into my wedding planning shoes. I forgot how much I truly loved helping brides and this whole process. It have been so much fun working with Tana and her family, and I am so glad I am able to help out such a wonderful, caring group of people. I will post some pictures of the wedding soon.

Well I guess I had better try and get some sleep...although I think I hear a child's much for that thought : )! Until next to you all!

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Happy Halloween...Boo!

A Trip to see Dr. Go

So I have had three sick kiddos for the past week. Thursday I finally braved taking all three together to the doctors, not something I would ever recommend. Thank God my mom was there to help! Here is a picture of them on their very best behavior.

Halloween Parade at Sacred Heart

The Preschool always comes over to our main school for a Halloween Parade. This year even Evan got in on the action. The older kids love to see the adorable preschoolers parading through their classrooms. One of the perks of having the boys at the same school I teach at is that I don't have to miss out on these special moments!