Sunday, August 17, 2008

Our Beloved Central Coast

The family just got back from a wonderful trip to the Central Coast. It truly is our home away from home! Every time we go back, the harder it is to leave! We had a very busy five days and managed to make it to all of our favorite spots...Montana de Oro, Avila Pier, Avila Valley Farm, Grover Beach dunes, San Luis, Cypress Ridge, and Cambria.

We stayed for the very last time in the Bungalow. I can't tell you how sad I am to see that dear old place go! Talk about wonderful memories! My Uncle Denis (whom by the way is the best uncle a girl could have) let me stay there when I first moved to the Central Coast...what a once in a lifetime opportunity. One 19 year old girl on 400+ acres of an old dairy farm soon to be golf course. What a lucky (not to mention brave) girl! Anyways, Patrick and I really are going to miss the Bungalow (thank you Auntie Lulu and Uncle Denis) for our Central Coast getaway.

Unfortunately, Denis and Leona were on a month long road trip, so we didn't get to see them. We did get to see Patrick's sisters and their families. Laura just had her fourth child...a precious little girl they named, Sophia Rose. Between the three families we had eight kids to enjoy and entertain us...Brooks (16), Bailey (13), Olivia (5), Blake (4), Ryan (2 1/2), Ava (2), Evan (1), and Sophia (3 weeks). What a special treat for us to see all of the cousins together!


Auntie Amy said...

Love the new pics!

Grandma Chris said...

grandma chrisFORREST fAMILY

Pictures are fantastic! I'm looking at these pictures with tears in my eyes. those boys are growing by leaps and bounds. Its been 2 weeks and they seem even more grown up. See you all soon.


Auntie LuLu said...

I loved the dinosaur story!