Monday, September 1, 2008

A Day in Oak Glen

We spent Labor Day picking raspberries at Riley's Farm in Oak Glen. The weather was beautiful and so was the scenery. The boys had a lot of fun with their cousin Olivia who was visiting with Auntie Kathy and Uncle Mike. Ryan had an empty basket when we were finished because every raspberry he picked went straight into his mouth and Blake of course only picked the very best, most perfect raspberries. Me on the other hand could only think about all of the snakes that had to be hanging around. After raspberry picking we went to the cute little town and the kids got to go on a pony ride. We ended the day with ice cream and caramel apples...absolute perfection! The best part, the kids slept the entire way home.


rileysfarm said...

Thanks for visiting us!

Jim Riley
Riley's Farm

The Forrest Family said...

It is a very special place! We will be back in the fall for apple picking. My kids had a great time. Thank you.