Sunday, March 22, 2009

Blake and Sophia

So about a month ago Blake tells me he has to tell me a secret. Of course I say, "What is it honey." Blake then proceeds to tell me that this is a very important secret and one in which I am not allowed to tell Ryan, Evan, or even dad. I say, "Okay Blake, no problem. My lips are sealed." Blake then tells me, "Mom, you have to promise not to laugh." Sure what's the big secret? "Mom, I have a girlfriend." I say, "You do...who is it?" He says, "It's Sophia." I start to smile and am holding back the laughter. I ask him...what does it mean to have a girlfriend? He says, well mom, it means she is my special friend. I ask you hug a girlfriend? Sometimes he says. Do you kiss a girlfriend? He says...NO MOM, we are not allowed to kiss people at school. You only kiss the people you are going to marry! Fantastic I say. Congratulations on picking out a very sweet and darling little girl to be your very first girlfriend Blakey! Too cute!

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