Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Every party needs a theme!

The darling cupcake tower from my sister...I made the cupcakes myself, pretty proud of myself since baking isn't my strong point!

A banner, sign and one of the ribbon topiaries I made.

Another sign.

Some of the serving bowls I used.

One of my favorite new finds....a handy serving caddy.

So I went a little crazy with Ev's party this year. It all started with the invite. I picked three colors from it orange, lime green, and blue and went crazy with it. I made party hats, banners, cupcake toppers (with help from my new favorite blog tomkatstudio), two really cute ribbon topiaries, and even ordered Ev a special shirt to coordinate. I had so much fun with it all, I have even contemplated starting a side business. Unfortunately my camera was not working and mom's ran our of batteries, so we didn't get everything documented. Amy bought me the darling cupcake tower this Christmas and this was the first time I was able to use cute!!

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