Thursday, January 1, 2009

Another year has gone!

What a year it has been! 2008 started off in the most terrible of circumstances with Patrick's layoff from Pulte Homes. Although it was at that point expected and in the long run necessary, it was one of the most frightening and trying times of our life. Three young children, a mortgage, and a teacher's salary, obviously there was a missing piece, a very big missing piece!

Patrick and I both decided to give it up to God...something that in the past I would not have even thought to or known how to do. But that is literally what I did...He had a plan for me and my family, and Patrick and I would do everything in our ability to listen to His call! It is strange, but it gave me some sort of peace, during such a terribly scary and stressful time! Somehow we made it through the storm, and although we still have some fight left, I hope and pray that the light is out there, just beyond the horizon.

Fortunately, through the fight of of our lives, came lot's of good! Most importantly it gave us time! Time together as a couple, and time together as a family. The boys were so lucky to have there dad home with them every day for almost nine months. Patrick was a wonderful stay at home dad, and I think he truly learned that yes, it is a full time job to stay at home with the kids.

Although, feeling guilty that I should find a full time job over the summer, I took the advice of a dear friend. She told me to not worry about the money and just enjoy the three months of summer together as a family. When in the world would we ever be given that opportunity again. I did work a few weeks during summer camp, but we did take her advice. We had the best summer together as a family. We spent two separate weeks at mom's and the beach, a weekend at the Colorado River, we took a trip to our beloved Central Coast, and Patrick and I even managed a few days alone at a Kindergarten Conference in Vegas. We have so many memories from a wonderful summer.

As summer came to a close, the reality of our situation became very clear. If Patrick didn't get picked up by the Sheriff's Academy quickly, we were going to have to make some really tough decisions. It had been nine months from the day he first tested and we were giving up hope. But just as the wind was about to leave our sails, we got the knock on the door from Patrick's background detective. Thank you God!!

That leads me into this last chapter of our lives.....the Academy! We are just about half way through with Patrick's training. He has been doing better than any of us could have hoped or imagined. The best part of all...he is truly enjoying himself and the training. I can already see little changes in the way he reacts to situations and how he is constantly aware of what is going on around us. He has truly given his all to this new life. He misses the boys terribly when he is away, but he has his work to focus on. I on the other hand have my work to focus on, but also the cleaning, laundry, marketing, bathing, clothing and taking care of three small children. I would be lying if I were to tell you it isn't terribly difficult. I have so much compassion for single moms. I truly don't know how they do it. Fortunately, I am so very blessed by my family and friends. I have a housekeeper who comes once every other week, my mother in law tries to keep one or two kids once a week, and my mom drives out as much as possible, just to help me keep up with the laundry. I am also so lucky to work at a place where I am receiving constant prayers, hugs, smiles and looks of understanding when I know I must look a wreak from a sleepless night. That is what is getting me through this and I know will continue to help me through this last half.

Through all of the turmoil and highs and lows in life, there is something that I realized was missing. I had it all a wonderful husband, three sweet and loving children, friends at work, and a loving family. What I realized I was missing were those special friends that truly know you...the ones who had been there through the four most changing years of your life....the high school years, who helped you make it through college and beyond. These are the friends that know your most secret of secrets, they are the ones that held you when you broke up from that first love, they were the ones to help you into the car after you had too much to drink and cover for you when you just couldn't get out of bed the next morning. Somehow I had lost touch with some of my most dear and cherished friends....2008 changed that and I am so very thankful to have these girls back in my life...we may have missed out on a few years, but I now know they will be there for the rest of my life! They are the real deal! I know that you know who you are, and I just have to say thank you! I am so lucky to have you in my life again!

So as 2009 begins, my prayer is for health, happiness, and security to all of my loved ones! Cheers to each and every one of you...I love you all so very much!


The Davis Family said...

Love you too Jacq!!! 2009 is going to be a GREAT YEAR!

slymer said...

Hey Jacqueline! This is Jaime- we have our own blog but I don't post the link on facebook. we are We live in Las Vegas and have four kids ages 6 and under!! My brother finished police academy last July and is a cop in Huntington Beach. He really likes it, and has some great benefits! Sounds like things are good, I am so excited to be back in touch!!