Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Mom and Dad to the Rescue Again

Sometimes I think my mom can read my mind. She gave me a call this week to see if she and my dad could take the kids for the day. It was perfect timing! With Patrick leaving for the academy next week, it gave us a nice quiet day to spend together and get organized. The boys had a wonderful time, and of course my mom had lot's of pictures to share. My dad also stayed the next day to watch the kids while Patrick and I went to the academy orientation. We are so lucky to have my mom and dad there to help whenever it is needed. I don't know what I or the boys would do without them. Thank you Grandma and Grandpa!! We love you.

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The Lenarth Family said...

your boys are so handsome!! do your parents live out here? mine do...and it's awesome to have them so close. the boys are in heaven at "nanny and bops".
heard you met ashley. she's an awesome friend. i will be praying for the two of you in the coming months as you care for the kids while the guys are away. hang in there!