Friday, August 14, 2009

Fish, fish and more fish!

Catfish Hunter Blake!

Wow did we have a great time on our last camping trip! I found the campsite on the had a small stocked lake full of various fish, a nice swimming pool, free tiled showers and campsites on the lake...perfect! Even better they had last minute availability.

As some of you know, Blake is obsessed with fishing. The only problem is he has yet to catch anything. Patrick and he have been on several outings and have come up empty handed every time! Blake was really starting to get discouraged and felt he would never catch a fish, so this vacation was all about getting that fish. It really didn't matter the size or what kind, he just wanted to bring one in.

Well, thanks to some very friendly neighbors in our campsite who actually invited Blake over to their site and taught him the secrets (they have been to the lake several times) of the lake, Blake finally caught his first fish!

Blakes first fish!

Needless to say he was ecstatic and we couldn't get him to do anything else the entire three days. He is now a pro at casting, baiting the night crawler or mill worm on the hook (he even did mine for me), catching the fish, and taking the fish off of the hook. He is so cute he wants to do everything right and Patrick had a great time teaching him all about his (Patrick's) favorite pastime...what can I say, Like father, like son.

He was very proud of himself for holding the fish by it's lip.

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