Wednesday, August 5, 2009

My little fish!

Ryan has become quite the little swimmer this summer! He is very much like myself when I was that age and has no fear of the water, which scared us a bit at the beginning of summer. He thought he was a better swimmer than he really was and would jump off from the side of the pool and get stuck in the middle. Just these last few weeks he has really started swimming... it is quite amazing really! His kick propels him super quickly from one side of the pool to the other and now he is using his big arms and we are just amazed! He is able to swim one length of the pool all by himself. His favorite thing to do in the pool although is cannon balls from the top of the retaining wall behind the pool. It has been so nice taking all three kids to the pool and only having to hang on to little Evan, who is super careful, but loves to put his head under water, can blow bubbles and will hang out under water for quite awhile. He also ventured out onto the third step this weekend all by himself. I am so proud of all of my boys...they all truly love the water and are great little swimmers.

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