Sunday, January 17, 2010

Ry Guy on Two Wheels

So our little Ryan never ceases to amaze us. Yesterday he kept begging me to take off his training wheels. He was convinced he was ready to ride his bike without them, just like Blake. I finally agreed with hesitation and warned him that we might have to try it again the next day when Patrick would be there to help. Anyways, on the very first try, I ran with him for about 15 feet, let him go and he just kept on took him a few seconds before he even realized he was riding all by himself! He slowed down, put on his brakes and came to a very safe, complete stop. He looked back at me with a huge smile and a big thumbs up! That was all it took...for the rest of the day I would just hold him steady and he would be off like he had been riding his bike his entire life...unreal! Today I got out the camera and took some shots of him. He is still so very proud of himself, as are we!

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