Monday, January 4, 2010

New Year's on the Central Coast

Me and the boys, met up with my mom and dad, and Amy and Matt for New Year's on the Central Coast. We all stayed on the golf course with Uncle Denis and Auntie Lulu. It was so nice to spend time with them. Even Anabay and Peter were added treat! We had a delicious dinner New Year's Eve and Blake almost made it to midnight...poor guy crashed out less than ten minutes from New Years and I couldn't wake him up! Friday my mom and dad and I took the boys to one of my favorite spots in Avila to see the seals and have lunch at Fat Cat's Cafe...delicious! Uncle Denis spoiled the kiddos with a two hour hike around the golf course and trip to the park. The boys truly enjoyed their many walks around Cypress Ridge, feeding the ducks, playing at the two parks, visiting the seals and even taking a frigid dip in the ocean. We celebrated Ry's birthday with a slice of cake from the famous Madonna Inn, or as Ryan likes to call it, "the pink palace!" Saturday we celebrated Anabay's 30th birthday with a wonderful party with about 25 family members. Blake found a new best friend in Ruben and the authentic Santa Maria BBQ prepared by Jim and Ben was absolutely to die for. Those of you who have never had a true Santa Maria BBQ don't know what you are missing out on. All in all it was a wonderful trip with many new memories! It is always so hard to leave my beloved Central Coast and I can't wait to one day soon call it home once again. Thank you Auntie Lulu and Uncle Denis for the hospitality and happy birthday my sweet Anabay! Love you all.

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