Saturday, May 15, 2010

My Amazing Parents

I feel so fortunate to have the parents I have. My parents would do anything for my sister and I, and we always knew that growing up. We have always felt loved and cared for. I never went through that stage of thinking my parents were the pits. Actually it was the opposite, I always loved being around my parents, and so did my friends. They provided an environment where we all actually wanted to be with them. Whether we were at the river or hanging out at the our house, we always had fun with them. My parents always trusted my sister and I, and more importantly they respected us. Although I can now say my mother is one of my very best friends, she knew how to draw the line between being a good, caring, responsible parent rather than trying to be a friend. My biggest fear growing up was not getting in trouble or grounded, but in disappointing my parents. I always felt safe and protected and knew that no matter what they loved me unconditionally! I would not be the parent, wife, or teacher I am today without the example they lived everyday while I was growing up. I feel like the luckiest girl to have grown up with the family God blessed me with. I only hope that Patrick and I can come close to being the parents to our boys that they were to me and my sister.

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